Before working with wordpress, we need to prepare some tools for using. If you’re already a webmaster or had worked with Joomla or other PHP CMS, framework before, please skip this chapter.

Tools for wordpress.

FileZilla – The powerful tool for synchronize files to server.

File Zilla

File Zilla

When starting with wordpress, you need to upload a file to hosting. This software FileZilla use the FTP protocol to transfer files to servers ( ). This free program is one of the tool you must have to prepare working with wordpress.

You can download it here

XAMPP / WAMP – the localhost

This program uses to deploy the wordpress on your computer. Like I said on the chapter 1, wordpress needs a hosting to run, but before putting the website on the host, you need to make and test it. These useful tools will help you with this.

Normally, the localhost is used for two purposes:

  • Learning wordpress, you don’t need to spend money for buying a hosting.
  • Test something on wordpress before deploy it to host.

You can download these two programs: wamp , xampp .

Hosting and Domain.

If you want to have a website, the first thing you must have is hosting and domain.

Hosting looks like a store where you will put your source code website in here.

Cpanel hosting


Otherwise, domain will be the address of your website. Users visit your website through the domain name. You can buy hosting and domain wherever you want, godaddy,, a2, stable hosting…etc.. There are many providers around the world.

Code Editor.

Sometime, you need to edit your website source code. An editor or IDE is perfect and help you deal with it. The most famous code editor are notepad++ and sublime Text. These two programs are totally free and can use in all OS.

Sublime Text


You can download it in: Sublime , Notepad++