As you may know, Yii framework is a flexible and popular framework. It usually use in a big web system.
To make a web application, Yii almost done all for us. All we need just how to create it and customize yii as our own way.
A web blog is the best example for beginning study yii framework. In the past few months, I had showed you how to create yii blog tutorial. I had separated the tutorial in 4 different parts. It explains in detail every step to be taken during the development which may also apply in developing other web application.
But It’s seem a little old and I find out that it’s so hard for you to search again these posts.
So I decided in this thread I will summary all these old posts and update the new one in here. It’s a little bit more easily for you find and follow this series.

Readers of this tutorial need knowledge about yii, basic is enough. Furthermore, knowledge about about PHP and OOP also help a lot for understand yii strongly.

Here is the tutorial outline.
– Learn to use yiic to create web application.
– Create / Read/ Update/ Delete a post.
– Change the interface of create form.
– Display Post in view.
– Add Pagination 10 post per page.
– Make a comment with captcha.
– Re-design homepage with our design.

I think this is enough for a web blog tutorial. Below is the old posts I had made. I will try update it as soon as posible

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Moreover, I had made a video clip, which is helped you have a clearly look. The quality of this video is not good. So please watch it at 720p.