WordPress tutorial series for newbie


This is the tutorial  series about wordpress for who doesn’t know anything about wordpress. If you’re already knew or use at least one time the wordpress cms, please ignore this series. What will you learn from this series ? A lots, that what I said. You will know how to create a wordpress website, upload website… Continue reading

Basic wordpress – #13 Sitemap for wordpress


What is a sitemap ? A site map is a visual or textually organized model of a Web site’s content that allows the users to navigate through the site to find the information they are looking for, just as a traditional geographical map helps people find places they are looking for in the real world…. Continue reading

Basic wordpress – #12 Backup and restore wordpress


I. Backup and restore manually via control panel. This is not a recommendation way, but I think you should know this in some of special case. In Cpanel, you can download all files and folders before changing it. You’re also can use phpmyadmin (default functionality) to manage database. Backup files and folders To do it,… Continue reading

Basic wordpress – #11 WordPress settings


The WordPress settings menu of your blog is where you will configure everything about how the blog works and functions. See the “Related” menu to the right for more details on specific options. 1. General. The General Settings let you change many of the items that control how your blog is displayed, such as the… Continue reading

Basic wordpress – #10 User roles


User roles determine the access level or permissions of a person authorized (invited by an Administrator) to use a WordPress.com site. Summary Administrator – nothing is off limits Editor – has access to all posts, pages, comments, categories, tags, and links. Author – can write, upload photos to, edit, and publish their own posts. Contributor… Continue reading

Basic wordpress – #9 WordPress menu


If you have a theme that supports the Custom Menus feature, you can create and arrange a group of navigation links for your visitors to find the important parts of your site faster. Most WordPress menu will show in the header area at the top of your site (the main navigation area), though this location can… Continue reading

Basic wordpress – #8 WordPress themes

add wordpress theme

What is wordpress themes ? A theme controls the general look and feel of your site including things like page layout, widget locations, and default font and color choices. WordPress has a wide range of themes for you to choose. You can change your theme as often as you like. There are some kinds of themes: Normal themes: a… Continue reading

Basic wordpress – #7 WordPress plugins

Choose the right plugin

What is wordpress plugins ? Plugins are ways to extend and add to the functionality that already exists in WordPress. The core of WordPress is designed to be lean and lightweight, to maximize flexibility and minimize code bloat. Plugins then offer custom functions and features so that each user can tailor their site to their… Continue reading

Basic wordpress – #6 WordPress comments

Wordpress comment

WordPress comments are a way for visitors to add feedback to your posts and pages. If you choose to enable comments for your posts, then a comment form will appear at the bottom of the posts and people can respond to what you have written. By default, comments system required fill in name, email and… Continue reading

Basic wordpress – #5 Pages in wordpress


For someone who already know about Post in wordpress, you may wonder “what is the pages in wordpress”. And know we will figure it out in this article. What is pages in wordpress ? Pages are static. They are a good way to publish information that doesn’t change much, like an About page. Pages appear… Continue reading