How to Leverage browser caching

leverage browser caching

Maybe some of you already saw the message “Improve Leverage browser ” to speed up your website when you check on Google page speed. As Google starts considering site speed as a SEO parameter, webmaster can leverage browser caching to improve site speed and get better search engine rankings. Browser Caching If you set maximum age in… Continue reading

Display icon in wordpress menu


The icons are great components to improve your website design. But how can we add the icons in wordpress menu is another problem. You can add the icon when design your template buy using CSS, but the problem is you cannot control your icon when you add more menu items. It must depend on the… Continue reading

How to remove query string wordpress


If you check your wordpress website in Google page speed or other speed test service, you may probably find one of the parameter that suggest you to remove query string from static resources. There are many factor that affects your website loading time and Google speed test consider all that factors. According to their advisers,… Continue reading

How to use external image as thumbnail

external image as thumbnail

By default, wordpress has only one function for us to display an image as thumbnail or featured image – upload this image direct to your host. In this article, I will help you with two different ways to use an external image as thumbnail. 1. Using Code. With this ways, the ideas is we create… Continue reading

How to make standard wordpress robots.txt

wordpress robots.txt

To make a wordpress robots.txt file, you need to understand two things. User-agent : * The section applies to all robots. Disallow :/ Tell the robot about the pages on site that it should not visit. To prevent the robots from crawling or visiting some pages, simply add this page behind the Disallow / For example, I don’t want… Continue reading

WordPress download failed on update

WP update core fail

An error when you try to update the wordpress core. An error when you try to update a plugin If you have a problem during updating a wordpress, plugins or themes like these pictures above , the cause may happen from temporary directory. You can easy to fix this error by declare a WP_TEMP_DIR in wp-config.php…. Continue reading

15 Best wordpress free themes in August

Accelerate WP Theme

In this article, we’d like to showcase you a list of some best WordPress free themes in August 2014 for your next website project. These theme are fresh, lastest and responsive WordPress themes because all the themes are release in 2014. Enjoy! 1. Isola – Download    Isola is a fresh, clean slate for your… Continue reading

Install multiple versions of php


To install multiple versions of PHP, we need two packages phpenv: php-build: First, we need install the phpenv The command sets up a separate rbenv environment for usage with PHP. This environment is stored in the $HOME/.phpenv directory and contains a phpenv executable which sets the RBENV_ROOT environment variable to $HOME/.phpenv. Secondly, we install the php-build Finally, install other php version

How to add you might also like widget to blogger.


What is “you might also like widget”? Maybe you saw this popup bar in some website. It looks like So, what exactly is this thing? It’s a facebook widget which display the-most-like article in your website. What is the advantages and disadvantages of put this “you-might-also-like” widget in to my website? The answer is it helps… Continue reading

Simple way to make yii multi language website


Can we do the language translation in Yii ? The answer is YES, we can do it by using message and view translation. Here is the way to do the yii multi language Scenarios: I got “Hello World”, and now I want to translate it to Vietnamese, French, Korean and Japanese. First of all, I… Continue reading